Acreditação do Laboratório de Caracterização de Águas do AquaValor é já uma realidade

Acreditação do Laboratório de Caracterização de Águas do AquaValor é já uma realidade

AquaValor obtains favourable order for the accreditation of its Water Characterisation Laboratory (LCA) as a Testing Laboratory.

After two years of ambitious technical work in the submission of the application for accreditation, the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC) recognised the ACL of AquaValor to conduct various tests on a very diverse set of water matrices, and the Regulatory Authority of Water and Waste Services included AquaValor in the list of laboratories able to conduct tests to verify the compliance of water quality for management bodies.

AquaValor’s ACL can therefore carry out analyses of a wide range of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters (including Legionella) to verify compliance with current legislation and ensure the quality of water suitable for its purpose: drinking water, natural fresh water (surface and groundwater), process water, natural spring and thermal mineral waters and pool water.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and comprising a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, LCA is a laboratory specialised in collecting and characterising water and considered to be a key element in responding not only to the technical needs for the analytical control of water quality but, above all, to the need to value and innovate in what is considered to be the territory’s distinctive and aggregating resource – Water.

Thus, the request for analysis of water quality can be made in person at the premises of AquaValor, located at Rua Dr. Júlio Martins, No. 1, 5400-342 Chaves, or through the following contacts:
Email: or
Telephone: 300 081 996 (national fixed network)