PRESS CONFERENCE | Ramiro Gonçalves presented the two new Projects of Alto Tâmega CIM connected to Culture

PRESS CONFERENCE | Ramiro Gonçalves presented the two new Projects of Alto Tâmega CIM connected to Culture

Ramiro Gonçalves, First Executive Secretary of the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT), presented yesterday, 15th March, in a press conference in Alto Tâmega Tourism Office (PTAT), the two new Projects of the CIM, for the first time, in the Cultural scope.

CulturAT and ArtFest are the two new projects created by CIMAT and that mark the performance of the same, for the first time, in the cultural aspect. Both projects aim at cultural promotion and animation of the territory, involving philharmonic and musical bands, folklore groups, theatre groups, dance academies and DJs and, at the same time, support all these cultural agents of the region, which were strongly affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

These projects are the result of two applications submitted to community funds, amounting to around 350 thousand euros. “Culture is the most important element of the territory, so we are very pleased to see these two applications approved”, said Ramiro Gonçalves.

Both projects are “unique and innovative”, will last for one year and will allow the organisation of “a total of 74 shows in the region”.

CulturAT and ArtFest have in their base identical objectives, regarding cultural promotion, but one can say that CulturAT is “based in shows in places with the presence of relevant cultural and natural heritage, disseminating theatre groups and philharmonic bands of the region at an inter-municipal level and the Academy of Arts of Chaves, at an international level”.

As for the ArtFest “in Alto Tâmega we have a set of very relevant assets regarding to museums and museological spaces, which are not always sufficiently sought by our citizens. What we look for with the ArtFest is to make animation of those spaces”, pointed out the first executive secretary of the CIM.

The shows will happen mainly at times when the groups “do not have a significant agenda”, occupying those times with events promoted by the CIM.

The first initiative takes place this Saturday, March 19, in the Parish Hall of the Boticas and Granja Parish Council, under the CulturAT Project, with the Fórum Boticas Theatre Group presenting its new play: “Who Took Your Thirty Branches?”.