The Project

The “+ Turismo + Sabor – Alto Tâmega com Sabor” project main goal is the creation, on Alto Tâmega, of a collaborative network of Tourism and Agrifood organizations, focused on reinforcing the competitiveness of the region businesses and image. The project also aims on triggering the cooperation-based innovation and internationalization of the referred sectors.

+Turismo+Sabor project has been developed in partnership between ACISAT – Associação Empresarial do Alto Tâmega and ADRAT – Associação de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alto Tâmega, in cooperaton with Alto Tâmega Intermunicipal Community and Chaves Professional School. From a formal perspective, the project focus on highlighting the excellence of the region agrifood products and, as a consequence, contribute for the development of Alto Tâmega and for the dinamization of the regional economy. Hence, the following main objectives have been drawn:

Foster the articulation between complementary sectors, in the sense of the definition and creation of regional Clusters;

Promote business cooperation;

Contribute to the reduction of risks and costs for companies, through the realization of investments of common utility;

Affirm the excellence of regional products and the destination Alto Tâmega, through a unique and strong brand;

Increase the internationalization potential of the region and guide its companies to more dynamic markets;

Increase the value of the economic activities of the region, particularly in the Tourism and Agro-food sectors.