TURISMO 4.0 | "Branding Colaborativo no Alto Tâmega" was the theme of the last presential training action

TURISMO 4.0 | "Branding Colaborativo no Alto Tâmega" was the theme of the last presential training action

Took place this Monday, 18th of July, the 11th training action foreseen in Alto Tâmega Project – Tourism 4.0, with the theme “Collaborative Branding in Alto Tâmega”, in Nevada Restaurant, in Montalegre.

The session had as objectives: to understand the importance of collecting information about the clients’ opinion and the adoption and valorisation of common brands with the same objective.
To train tour operators on this theme was the guest speaker João Magalhães, representative of “Super Brand Consultants”, accompanied by the representative of PENHAS – Consulting and Events.
Also present, was the Vice-president of the Municipal Council of Montalegre, David Teixeira and the First Executive Secretary of the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT), Ramiro Gonçalves that took the opportunity to thank the commitment and presence of all the tour operators, along the capacitation actions, and reinforce the idea of the importance of these establish partnership networks between them.

Tomorrow (20th of July), will take place the 12th capacity building action (online), at 15h00, with the theme “Alto Tâmega – Region of Well Being” and that finishes the set of capacity building actions.

Access link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85786350198?pwd=STJhYVJNdkFTMGliYjBPTjZ4SzdTQT09

Having in mind the approaching of the high season (summer), it will be made a pause in the actions of the project, retaking at the end of September with the Creative Laboratories for capacitating of the Business Cooperation Network.

In these Creative Laboratories will be carried out 12 work sessions destined to the idealization, definition and construction of composite touristic products, which serve as basis to a new touristic offer for the region, based on active and sustainable partnerships and which allow the increase of the period of permanence of the tourists in the territory.

The project Alto Tâmega – Tourism 4.0 (NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-037651) is a joint initiative of the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT), the Centre of Valorisation and Transfer of Technology of Water (AquaValor) and the Business Association of Corgo (AECorgo).

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