The Project

The project has as central objective the creation, in Alto Tâmega, of a collaborative network in the sectors of Tourism and Agro-food, oriented to the reinforcement of the competitiveness of the business fabric and the image of the region, as well as to the incentive to the innovation and internationalization of the sectors in question based on the cooperation, aligned with the regional strategy of smart specialization (RIS3) and with the Strategy of Territorial Development of Alto Tâmega. The project is developed in partnership by ACISAT – Associação Empresarial do Alto Tâmega and ADRAT – Associação de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alto Tâmega, in collaboration with the Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alto Tâmega and the Escola Profissional de Chaves, comprising the corresponding NUT III – Alto Tâmega.


Project + TOURISM + SABOR contemplates an innovative approach in the region, by the methodological approach which conjugates an intervention of sectorial base/economic row where will be applied the principles of the smart specialisation and related variety, with an intervention of territorial base operated by the different institutions which protagonize the development process of the recently created region. The Flavours of Alto Tâmega are the starting point to this project, which intends with base on the valuation of the excellence of the agro-food products of the region, to reinforce the brand image of its Tourism and simultaneously to create synergies between the two sectors, capable to originate new ways of work and new products, contributing for the affirmation of the name and the excellence of Alto Tâmega and its products, and for the dynamism of all the regional economy.

The Strategy

The regional strategy of smart specialization – Norte 2020, recommends that the strategic bets of each region, based on “existing resources and assets (technological and non-technological) and the development capacity of a resident business base sufficiently competitive on a global scale. These strategic bets should also combine a vertical perspective of sectors with a horizontal one of a related variety, exploring the potential of crossing different technological and business multisectoral bases”. (in Estratégia Regional de Especialização Inteligente – Norte 2020).